Hebden Bridge

What actual measures have been put in place to prevent flooding like we had on Boxing Day 2015? The water levels of the Rochdale Canal have been very high for weeks now and there does not appear to have been any manual movement of water through the canal locks. With the current heavy rain, the power of the river increasing, the likelihood of flood seems very high. And there is little evidence of any action other than some river dredging months ago.
The wall between Bridgegate car park and the back of our property shows evidence of being continuous originally. (Please see attached photo which also shows water level before highest flood water later) The river rushed down into the property as the ground level is below the car park. If the wall could be reinstated the flood resilience measures we put in place may have half a chance of working. My video showing the speed of the water will not upload unfortunately
Is it true that those owning/responsible for managing the uplands/moorlands around the Calder Valley have been/are managing these areas in such a way as to exacerbate water run off into the streams/valleys and, hence, contributing to the flooding of homes and businesses in the valley bottom towns. Furthermore, is it true that these owners have been receiving/do receive large subsidies of public money to do this. If the answer to either of these questions is yes, what is going be done about it?
Why don't landlords qualify for funding to re-open their businesses? Tenants qualify for this but what happens if the tenants have had to move out of the property due to the damage caused to the property? Who is going to give support to the landlord to re-open their business? Landlords are business owners too but seem to slip through the net in terms of funding other than the flood resilience fund.
The height of the canal in the centre of Hebden Bridge is creating a dam-like effect. This serves to keeps flood water in the centre of Hebden Bridge and does not allow it to drain away across Calder Homes back into the River Calder. One suggestion might be to create a large drain or underpass beneath the canal to take waters away from the centre. Additionally, the drains around the town need to be kept unblocked.
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