Improve existing flood plains

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Solutions to flooding
There are 4 floodplains – Brearley Fields, Calder Holmes Park, Brownfield land (opposite turning circle) and Eastwood cricket field. All have natural banks, but they weren't sufficient. Could do with further banking up
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Environment Agency
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Brearley Playing Fields should be allowed to flood. Currently a 'dribble' of water goes onto this land and stays there for weeks. This adds insult to injury. We see this water sitting there for weeks but it served no useful purpose because only a foot or so enters the fields. No attempt is made to put it back into the Calder when the alert is over. I do not know enough about Hebden Bridge's Holmes Park but I am informed that this could be used similarly. It would cost very little and we would see something happening rather than promises of £26 million grandiose schemes.

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Flood barriers/walls
Scheme design
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