widening of river

Cause or Solution?: 
Solutions to flooding
Next to Mayroyd Mill is a section of land. It adjoins the river and is 1/3 mile to 1/2 mile long and 100 yards wide. It is between the river and the canal. If this land was acquired it could be used to widen the river by up to 50 yards over a 1/3 mile. It occurs to me that this would likely have mitigated if not prevented entirely the damage to Mytholmroyd. As the land was under 8feet of water on boxing day there is (hopefully - although in light of the Hebden Bridge little Park debacle - who knows?) no chance of the owners being granted planning permission to develop it - therefore - it could be bought cheaply. The residents of mayroyd mill (myself amongst them) may even contribute towards the cost of compulsory purchase. This would be an easy and immediate "win" and doesn't need to wait 10 months for the EA catchment wide plan to be developed.
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lead local flood authority and environment agency
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river calder
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Valley Bottom
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