Savile Road, Mytholm

I have been asked to describe how the flooding affected Savile Road. I live about half way up the hill so not at risk from the river but water pouring down the hills and through the woods here filled the yard behind a house a few doors from me and may well have entered the house if neighbours hadn't managed to divert the flow. I was away until the 27th but am told a river was running ankle deep down Savile Road on Boxing Day. It was still pretty bad on the 27th and water continues to pour down the hill through the woods, having found new routes through the woods and over the wall. We had a precursor of these events on 15 Nov 2015, a day when flooding closed both the A646 and the railway line between Tod and HB. In Savile road we had water pouring over the walls and down the road in a way I don't recall having seen before in the 25 years I have lived here. I have a video taken on 15 Nov showing water running down Savile Road that day and another taken on 12 Feb showing the various streams down which water continues to flow through the woods and over the wall into road. Unfortunately the system won't allow me to attach them. Wrong suffix apparently and I don't know what to do about that.
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