Is the Environment Agency fit for purpose in relation to flood prevention?

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Solutions to flooding
Judging from the scale of the flooding in Calderdale, the lack of prior warning to local residents and businesses, and the way in which the flood crisis was handled on the ground as it unfolded at the time and subsequently, it would appear that the Environment Agency is not fit for purpose and is literally out of its depth. It doesn't appear to have the technical or organisational skills to analyse and tackle the key issues or the will or commitment to implement the necessary solutions. This is extremely worrying and is a problem that cannot be ignored. Calderdale Council and the Government are relying on the Environment Agency to sort out the flooding problems, but if the people running the Agency are unable grasp the specific issues that affect the situation in our area and are unable to devise and implement effective solutions that will address these problems, the implications are potentially catastrophic for Calderdale. At the very least, the Environment Agency needs to recognise its deficiencies and draw on outside expertise, especially in the technical sphere. Long-term effective management of flood prevention schemes is also a key issue as well as urgent short-term measures.
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Calderdale Council, the Government and Environment Agency
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