Flood Prevention Action Plan

By now, those directly affected should have a recovery plan in place. If not, they can contact the appropriate people directly for information ad advice. The key issue now is how to make sure that everything possible is done, as quickly as possible, to take action to prevent flooding on this scale happening again. In my view, this is a matter for the people/organisations with the expertise and resources i.e the government (DEFRA) and the Environment Agency (EA), not for members of the public. I see no need for further public meetings. The track record of DEFRA/EA since the last floods in 2012/13 is very poor. So, what is essential is for the Calderdale Floods Commission to track progress on action planning and funding by these organisations like a hawk. They should receive regular, ideally monthly, progress reports from both and pass these on to all people and businesses who have provided contact details and in the more general local media. An action plan and resources must be in place by October, 2016.
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Calderdale Floods Commission
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All relevant
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