Flooding on Fields possibly designated for housing - Local Plan LP0821

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Causes of flooding
This uploaded video was taken on Boxing Day and shows the flooding on fields on which Calderdale Council are potentially proposing to make available for the building of 190 houses in their soon to be finalised Local Plan. This specific area is LP0821. The area is 1 mile East of Todmorden towards Hebden Bridge, and extends between Oldroyd and the canal, with Woodhouse Road to the East of the area. The area has very poor access for increased traffic, and is currently categorised as a wildlife corridor with rare bird visitors including Peregrine Falcon, and Twite. Otters live in the area also. It is a very important breeding ground for toads, and West Yorkshire Ecology has recommended that this area LP0821 should not be used for housing. Enormous strain could be put on the existing drainage and water supply. The area is well used as an amenity by residents, visitors and dog walkers who probably for hundreds of years have exercised their right to use the footpaths and appreciate this rare open green space recreationally. (The local park is well over a mile away from this side of town). Even with the flooding, it can still be used as is for this purpose and I hope it is not underestimated how important this is for people. The fields are currently traditionally organically farmed with by a local dairy farmer and cheesemaker. This involves the fields being traditionally maintained as hey meadows with the obvious benefits of sustaining pollinating insect populations. There is a stream which runs through Lumbutts Clough (the valley bounding the area to the East) which has clearly burst its banks. It flows from left to right in the video which then flows into the River Calder and the canal. The viewpoint is looking towards Todmorden and shows the fields flooding and importantly holding back many thousands of gallons of water from the canal and river systems. I imagine that without these fields holding back floodwater the flooding would have been worse the further downstream towards Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. I wonder what would have happened to the flood water if the fields were covered over in concrete and asphalt A facebook group has been set up called Todmorden Planning Forum (no login required) to consider local planning issues with some very specific comments about this area LP0821 here https://www.facebook.com/todmordenplan/posts/1566178647040911 I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about LP0821 on the Todmorden Planning Forum facebook page Another uploaded photo here shows the area of land a few weeks after the flood water has subsided and still holding back water. I have read with interest the posts from various local groups, particularly where local people with local knowledge of flooding feel they have not been listened to (consider the Copley valley for instance) in the way flood plains have been recently built on. I hope this does not happen here.
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Lumbutts Clough, River Calder, Rochdale Canal
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