Footbridge to Hebden Vale Centre

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Causes of flooding
The small car park at the end of Market Street has an opening in the wall next to the River Calder. This to provide access to the footbridge across the river to the Hebden Vale Centre. When the Calder is in full spate, the footbridge (and the entrance to same) provides guidance for the river to find its way down Market Street. The gap is currently filled with sandbags and the footbridge has been damaged by the force of the water on Boxing Day. This is the "weak spot" in terms of the river spilling over onto Market Street and needs immediate attention. The gap in the wall should be permanently blocked with solid stone and, ideally, the footbridge should be removed. This simple measure will minimise flooding greatly the next time the Calder reaches similar levels. The other major contributing factor to flooding on Market Street is the poor state of the drains beneath the road. Many are still blocked and have been for some time. Maintenance should be improved on a regular basis.
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