Need Yorkshire Water out to look at drains

Cause or Solution?: 
Causes of flooding
Do you know how we can get some sense of urgency out of Yorkshire Water? We started Flood Resilience work in our cellar and have opened up a can of worms with water pouring out of old drain pipe joints which were either never sealed or have had seal washed out over years. Yesterday thought water was rain water but still flowing today and no rain. Pipes might be Yorkshire waters as it might be serving us and neighbour but Yorkshire Water can only get someone out to look at it within a week and I am concerned that if we have a lot of rain we are more vulnerable whilst this is all open.
Question for which agency?: 
Yorkshire Water
Name of Watercourse Referred To: 
River Calder
Location of Cause or Solution: 


I dont understand this page, I though I had submitted this???????

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