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Solutions to flooding
I realise this may not be exactly the right forum as the focus is mostly further upstream, but to be honest I feel so disgusted I have to vent my spleen and if anyone has any influence then that would be great...even though the damage is done. I appreciate that whips and willow saplings etc can cause bank damage, but what I witnessed today is surely devastation on a scale that there is no justification for. I walk my dog along the canal towpath at Altofts, basically the section that runs alongside the Calder down towards where the Calder and Hebble rejoins the river Calder just before its confluence with the Aire. The section behind the Post Office warehouse in the Euro Port. A lovely tree lined path, least it was... I have not been down for a little while because the path I walk to get there can get muddy and with recent rain I have been going elsewhere. I could not believe, but every single tree, without exception that was growing between the path and canal (both banks) have been cut down, literally for miles. Not fresh saplings a few years old. Oh no, mature Ash, Willow, Oak and Beech etc. Some very mature trees. Literally every single one, probably around 40 trees just on the length I walk. As I say pretty much most of those trees were mature trees and pretty old. I'm told by local boat owners this was done by the Canals and Rivers Trust in the belief this will reduce poaching and make it easier to spot poachers!!!! If that is true I really do despair .. If, and I'm guessing because this was not said by local boat owners, it's because they think it will reduce flooding (the river flooded into adjacent fields, but the canal didn't)..then I'm really struggling with that as well. None of these trees grow over the canal so as to impede boat traffic. I feel so disgusted I won't be walking this canal path any more. It's hard to imagine what it was like from these pictures. Mature and well established trees every thirty or so yards on both sides of the path. A lovely walk along a mature tree lined boulevard. Now it's just a muddy moonscape with the M62 to look at on the horizon..
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Canals & Rivers Trust
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Aire & Calder navigation
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Is this location in Calderdale, or further downstream? Can you name the nearest settlement?

Thanks - Anthony Rae

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