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We have had a lot of problems getting paid the £5000 so called grant, we have spent at least £500 in time dealing with CMBC to get paid. They seem to have a big issue over the fact that we provided our own labour to carry out resilience work and this despite the fact that we only charged out at cost to us. I almost wish I had charged out at full rates then we could have covered this level of administration. We have done a massive amount of work and have complete photographic evidence but they seem bogged down in whether we should include a pair of wellingtons in our costs. I would like to see them do what we have done without wellies. If you take the cost of the survey report and all this 'Due Diligence' time we will end up with £4000 and probably cost CMBC £5500. I don't think the ratios are very good at all, I would not donate money to a charity with such a bad ratio, unfortunately I don't have any say in my taxes!
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