Walshaw Moor Burning Off 16 02 2016

Myself and Ros Berrington have been Monitoring burning activities on the Walshaw Moor Estate,we have photographed recent burning from boxing day onwards,but yesterday we witnessed an actual burn in progress.16 02 2016 we were walking up the main tarmac road were a track turns left alongside the plantation of Sutcliffe Rough at approximately 14 45 then an estate landrover passed us which drove up and across the reservoir viaduct that seperates Lower from Middle Walshaw reservoirs to the Eastern side of res and stopped the Landrover and we could see the smoke start to billow up then we could see the flames so i took a few quick photos at 14 58 onwards ,the flames got higher as a brisk North Easterly Wind fanned the flames and smoke.By about 16 00 the flames had died down and the Moor was just smouldering,and the same Estate Landrover came back past us about 16 30 approximately along the tarmac road.turning left at Sutcliffe Rough plantation .
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How can this be still going on ?

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