Who is diverting water away from the bridal way so as to wash across our access and onto our land?

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Causes of flooding
For several years we have tried to get CMBC to fix the loose water running down the bridal way onto the track and under railway tunnel arriving to form a pond on track in front of 'new' flood lake by new bridge. The council will do nothing about it, but some one had run pipes underground across to our land without agreement, council deny knowledge but no one else would be interested enough. Now we have had the water running down the field and washing across our land I diverted it back to bridal way once but not very well and thought water must have washed my alterations away but it did look like someone had done this. This intervention caused a beautiful 40' eucalyptus tree to fall on our shed causing considerable damage. At this time I made a much better job at diverting water back to bridal way and now last week some one has undone all and blocked off bridal way, I have pictures showing clear intervention. This washes down our access path and onto our land and I am worried about the foundations of the shed and all the damp ground under a wooden shed. This can only be CMBC or their contractor, I would point out that the 'bridal way' would have been formed by the water flowing down it, if CMBC want a dry bridal way then they need to sort it properly with agreement and consent, I believe I have grounds for a claim against whom ever is doing this work which floods us. There is scope in this area for flood slowing schemes, we have a water course running through our land and I have said I am open to taking more water but it NEEDs to be done properly and by agreement. I intend to put a stop to this water affecting us and have told the council to desist from all activities that affect us and do feel that I will not cooperate now with them on anything.
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Hollas Lane
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